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Come Visit McSorley's. Your Ultimate Party Location

Only at McSorley's can you immerse yourself in the timeless charm of a historic pub while savoring the perfect beverage. With a unique blend of tradition and contemporary vibes, we create an unforgettable experience for each patron. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll sense the distinct ambiance that sets us apart. We take pride in crafting moments that linger in your memory, ensuring that every visit provides an exceptional and unparalleled social experience.

At McSorley's, we're committed to delivering exceptional service, blending top-notch hospitality with a vibrant atmosphere to create unforgettable experiences for every guest.

The Moore Family

Proud Owners of McSorley’s

An Irish Welcome for all our guests since 2003

McSorley's Irish American owned bar has undergone a transformative journey, not just in ownership but in enhancing our service offerings. Committed to preserving our Irish roots, we've infused McSorley's with welcoming Irish values, ensuring every visit is not just a stop but a warm and memorable experience.

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Established In

Partying in Fort Lauderdale since 2003


A space for every event and party